kitchen shield mask

kitchen shield mask

Item No.: TM-001 transparent mask

Thickness: 100um-180um

Feature: Anti fog both side Comfortable  Easy on/off

Packing: 10pcs/box 20box/ctn  carton size 57.5*35.5*31.5CM

Anti fog: disposable or permanent

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  1. Pro-environment: disposable

2.Anti Fog both side

  1. Beauty: show better friendly smile
  2. Healthy: effectively prevent droplet etc infection
  3. Light: 15gsm good wear
  4. Comfortable: human technology design suit for long time wear
  5. Economy: repeated use and reduced operation cost

Convenient management of sanitation
It is made of double frame structure, forms large space between mouth and filter; therefore, it tends to occur less condensation and dry discharged saliva easily which strikes for more sanitary condition. When washing, you can wipe it with designated towel or wash with water.

Comfortable breath
Good ventilation and feel no suffocating and tiredness because heavy CO2 is emitting through the lower part and the exhalation is barely occurring. This is the strongest point of applelips with large room between mouth and moth screen.

Soft wearable sensation
It is made of silicon, soft and harmless to numan body at the jaw stanchion part to reduce the pressure, Your ear will be comfortable even for long time by think and soft ear string.

Size of wide usage
Since the radius of supporting frame is wide enough, the size or shape of user’s face is not going to matter.


Working and processing people in food-factory

The salesman in food Dept of store and supermarket

The salesman of cake, bread and snacks

Receptionist in hotel

Food-industry employees

Nurse dentist nurse and assistant nurse

Commentator in exhibition

Tourist guide

The receptionist in hairdressing and massage

The receptionist(security check, Flight attendants) in airlines

Kitchen or hall of restaurants

Food manufacture, large size discount mark and department

Soup kitchen, hair shop, dentistry and various event place where customers are being encountered.

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